Open Box iMac 27″ 8 cores

It starts here

Box is open and we greeted by the Lovely “Designed by Apple in California” box and inside it …

After the Keyboard and mouse lift

Everything you need and Nothing you don’t need

Wide back, simplistic design

black Glossy Apple Logo

The Magic begins

As always, simple and refined design

Time to show the specs.

The “More info”

The 64bit Version of Snow leopard ( hold “6” and “4” during bootup)


you can change the kernel file called “”  you can find the file here:


And Change from

<key>Kernel Flags</key>


<key>Kernel Flags</key>

so Just type that text in the middle as above

Notice the ” 64-bit Kernel and Extensions” is YES

and to my Surprise it’s running 8 CORES

More tutorials to come.

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2 comments on “Open Box iMac 27″ 8 cores

  1. Curtis says:

    This is awesome Marcus, too cool, surely this is my iMac in the near future.

    8 virtual Cores, Whoa its Usain Bolt!!!!!!!


  2. Curtis says:

    Wow, this is surely the Mac for me!!!

    Can’t wait to purchase and see the beauty on my table.

    Thanks for the insight Marcus, you really confirmed that my choice is right!!!

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