Take your home number anywhere you go. (MNF E71 Version)

If you are planning on travelling , or travelled overseas in the pass , then you should know that the cost of being able to make /receive call on your Mobile / Cell phone can cost a fortune.

When you take you mobile phone and travel with you be it locally or especially international, generally there are number of options that you can do.

Option 1:Roaming Services

Option 2: Skype no local number to receive call, the other person might need to have Skype account as well

Option 3: IDD – expensive

Option 4: SIP settings on your smart mobile (cell) phone, fast and cheap ( may cost a little data fee if you use phone data instead of WiFi)

Im going to show you quickly what I did when I travelled to Taipei from Sydney during June 2009, I lived here in  Australia (Sydney)I have configured and is using this in the country to accept calls from other people while im travelling.

so when im in a coffee shop or driving, people who call my local number think I’m at home while I was actually outside receiving this call, The point is: I’ve never missed a call again as long as I have my Mobile/Cell phone with me and it has internet connection (data plan / free wifi).(PS: im composing this tutorial for some of us that haven’t experience with  SIP before)

Other benefits :

if you are waiting for important phone call but need to go out to pick up your kids at the same time, you dont’ need to wait in one spot, I can still go out and pick your kids up while receiving the call as if you’re in home/office.


There are number of companies that provides VOIP service for as cheap as $5 per year and call rate to local is dirt cheap ( 15 cents per call not timed) here in Australia,or even better if you are calling the same VOIP Provider , it’s FREE.

SO I set one up my self and apply the same SIP (I’ll explain later below) settings to my Cell phone ( or mobile phone here in Australia)

so when you are travelling to other countries, or on the commute, when there is free wi-fi or data internet access  , you can make and accept call as if you are still sitting in your office or home.

What im about to show you will apply to you when you are in Australia, or if you are in other countries, please check your type of VOIP provider and their own provider Settings.

I signed up with Mynetfone one of the Providers here in Australia and get 2 FREE local (02)numbers  on the same device cost me AU$15 and I get a free Netgear Voip router  that I connect direct to my Ethernet switch at home (simple plug and play, 10 minutes from opening the courier packaging to making my first free phone call).

I only use 1 number everyday and the other  is kept for spare . So before I went overseas / go out. all I have to do is unplug the handset from one number to the second number, and turn on my internet telephone on my mobile phone to connect to my first number, so when anyone tries to call my home phone (1st number), my cell phone would ring and I can answer them from my mobile, also  I can call home for free from anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. ( OK enough chit chatting and long explanation, Im going to show you how to set them up now)

If you own a smart phone, any smart phone that support SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) settings in the phone, YOU CAN DO THIS!

I use Nokia E71 (Im sure you can set up the same thing with iPhone and any other smartphone or crackberries out there).

First on your E71 or any phone go to Settings – > Phone Settings

Go to Settings- > SIP Settings -> New SIP profile like below

Choose use default profile

Name the Profile and choose your (wifi)Access point ( or leave blank for later)

Here’s the Opened view of the username (please be advised that this applies to MYNETFONE customer only , other settings are similar, you need to consult your VOIP provider) ( where erased please use your own VOIP number)

and Use Security = NO , Next we go in to Proxy and Registrar Settings

Click the enter/Middle button on the phone to go into the Proxy server settings and follow these values:

Realm = Stratus.com (This applies to anyone)

Username: just the number

Password: your Voip Password

Allow Loose routing = NO

Transport type = UDP

Port number = 5060

Press Save and go in to the Registrar Server Setting

Proxy and registrar address are the same.

SIP:SIP10.mynetfone.com.au ( please consult your own VOIP provider , this setting is for MyNetfone customers).

Click options – > Save and you should be back to the Internet Telephone Setting Screen and now you have the “new’ Profile in it.

TO USE THIS MAKE SURE YOU ARE NEAR AN ACCESS POINT (WiFi POINT) or use your DATA on your phone contract.

then goto your phone menu -> Internet Telephone.

If you haven’t had any Wifi set up , it will prompts you to choose  which Access point to use or your mobile provider data plan. CHOOSE ONE , if  you are in a coffee shop or near an Apple store, you can choose Apple Computer store access point, and it doesn’t need any password. shh: I’ve tried this with couple of Apple store in Sydney.

Once you pick an access point, it will begin connecting, and you should see a connected symbol like ->  at the top right corner of your phone.


Press the number and CHOOSE : MAKE INTERNET CALL and you should either pay a Voip local (in this case Australian) cost or if it’s within the same VOIP provider its FREE.

This also applies if you take your phone Overseas, go look for free wifi and Experience local cost / free phone call. Have fun.

(Remember: your Mobile/cell provider might charged a higher Data plan fee to connect to the internet to get VOIP access when you are overseas. so it might be wiser to go to coffee shop and use their free wifi  ( or around any Apple Computer stores which have the best signals). Experience is the best reward. 

As always if you’d like to thank me for creating these tutorials, guides, tips and/or reviews. please click on donate button on the right column to help keep this running, Thank you.



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