iPhone 4 – Chatswood Chase Apple Store queue

After much speculations and rumours on the web, it was hard enough to stay asleep 1 day before iPhone 4 release. I wasn’t going to go for the midnight launch due to the fact that there probably be thousands of ppl and it was raining last night.

So I decided to get the much anticipated iPhone 4 from Chatswood Chase Apple store, 5 minutes run from our apartment;

set the alarm clock to ring at 6am on 30th July 2010, got up at 4:30 from the anxiousness, get to the Chatswood chase camping blog and there were 31 ppl lined up already at 4:30am. Brushed my teeth and rushed out with my track pants and jumper literally, sprinting towards the Chase and got there in 3 minutes. it was 4:50am and luckily there were not many people in line for the “plan” but surprisingly the “outright” line is almost all the way to the door.

without further ado , I present you with these picture and if you seen this, you know the phone is not overrated.

BTW apple staff handout coffees and breakfast to everyone and thank us while we wait, we love you to Apple.

all the hype came true, they open at exactly 8am , everyone countdown together. it’s almost like the new year. except better. coz we get a phone……. never mind.

So is it all worth it you ask me ?

I would do it all over again if i need to. it was one of those experiences that only happens number of times in a year.

Apple staff have been surprisingly kind and patience with all of us and with the free food and coffees, they made the long wait felt easier.

Thank you for checking this out. …. now i go to sleep ….if I can.


9 comments on “iPhone 4 – Chatswood Chase Apple Store queue

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks For the report, you have captured the experience for me too.

    Great photos also. Now learning to type on my new iPhone!

    Very, very happy with the iphone, haven’t stopped using it



  2. r0gu3 says:

    yeah , I went back there for dinner just now and they are clapping hands again during closing time.

    apparently its sold out everywhere , have to wait 2 weeks

  3. alamin says:

    I was looking for few excellent blogs for my project. Yours is one of them. It was very helpful for me. Thanks a lot.

    Md.Alamin Khan

  4. Curtis says:

    Awesome, though hows the antenna Marcus, is it as faulty as other ppl say it is?

    Too cool man.

    Thanks for the pics

  5. Marcus says:

    Hi Curtis.

    Thanks for checking this out
    No antenna gate issue for me, i guess after 3 days my case arrived and it eliminates the issue when you put case on the phone.
    so many good apps out there for this phone.



  6. Cherry says:

    Can I buy iPhone 4 from Dr Phone in Madarin Center?

  7. webbigest says:

    ty ,,, nice info and your article is very educatif

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