Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4

Quick review of Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone4

click on picture to view full size

weighs in at  59 g, Dimension:  123.23 mm x 67.85 mm x 16.77 mm

Case and smooth rubber shield with high quality non watermarks and or rainbow effect hard front screen

internal hard case separated from the rubber shield

Front part of case (left on picture above) : high impact non watermarks hard transparent screen

This is the only case in the market that provides a front screen with 100% sensitivity and no effects, if you love your phone you can’t miss this one.

back part of case (middle): same circular screen for back apple logo and velvet internal preventing scratch

and rubber shield (right) : outer layer shock absorbers

My opinion :  You compromise the bulkiness and weight for extra protection. This is by far The Best protection for your iPhone4 money can buy.

installation videos below

The finished product

Otterbox defender Series for iPhone 4

click to view full size image

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