Tripline – Records itinerary of your trip and map them

If you recently been on holiday or is currently planning on going on a trip like me, you might think about recording places you’ve been by mapping them on a map, there is couple of site that you can easily create these online.

But what if you want to create an interactive map of your itinerary with photos, videos, tweets and even foursquare ?

Introducing  : Tripline

Tripline allows users to record your itinerary, create timeline of your stops within a country and city they also tag each stop with descriptions of your activities.

Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare integration is included.

I tested this on my iPhone 4 , add the mobile site ( to your home page creates an “App-like” icon on your phone.

The funny thing is I found that if you haven’t create a trip yet, you won’t be able to create a new trip from the mobile site . Now you can crate a trip by checking in on the mobile site so you still needs to go to the full site ( . and using foursquare willl auto time-lined your trip for you.

Enough said, I’m going to leave you to decide whether this is a “must-have ” or not. I for one will use this from now one. Thanks Byron from Tripline for sharing the updated Check-in Mobile feature yesterday.

screenshots below:

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3 comments on “Tripline – Records itinerary of your trip and map them

  1. Byron says:

    Marcus, thanks for the post. Mobile trip creation is something we’re working on right now, so stay tuned for an update. BD

  2. Marcus says:

    thanks for the respond Byron,
    I can’t wait to try this out on my phone.

  3. Byron says:

    Marcus, we just updated our mobile site to allow for geo-located checkins, local search and new trip creation. Check it out:

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