SGP Vintage edition Case for Apple iPad review

As much as I would hate to admit, it has been difficult to find a “right” case for the iPad. Sure you can go to any store and get a generic one right away, and believe me there are plenty to choose from, but for myself and maybe some of us, we want something special, something different, something that define us from the rest of the flock and to find that “perfect”case, have not been an easy journey.

We want the one that protects really well, looks good and not adding much thickness and or weight to it, picky aren’t we.

So here’s the case that I came across after searching and digging around and considered as the “Best and perfect” all around case. the one that caught my eyes, and I hope this helps your decision-making easier,  I present :

The SGP Vintage Edition for iPad (hand-made).

The SGP Vintage cost a bit more than a regular iPad case, at USD72.99 you get yourself a hand-made genuine soft leather case that is unique and will not only dress your iPad up like the hottest cowgirl in town, but gives it protection it needed without compromising thinness. The SGP can be ordered directly from SGP website and delivery time took 7-10 Days to Sydney and cost US$20.00 considering they ship direct from factory in Korea and maybe they handmade them on order.. who knows.

First impression: I was stunned at the quality of the leather and design.

The velvety texture of the outer leather  and the design inside , they fit really nice and snug, also all the ports are highly accessible but does not jeopardise protection, these case can be considered as a hard case and yet so delicate.

the unboxing Video

The  downside was that the angle on the bottom is not design to stand the iPad high enough for typing angle like other cases, I’m guessing since it will compromise thinness but everything else perfect !

Lovely letters and logo imprinted inside on velvety soft texture, very detailed.

Snug fit , all ports and buttons accessible yet still keeping the iPad slim.

If you notice on the picture above the iPad sits recessed inwards from the case so in case you drop the iPad on the side there are still some sort of protection.

It has only been a day that I have used this , however the quality of the leather nor colour do not change even on my sweaty palm, I would not test this with the shower. This case is designed to have that “wore-down” look after time. SGP even states that on their site, after all ,that’s what makes the case ” Vintage”.

I hope you enjoy this quick review as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, price is a bit steep for me. But this case is really good, what I’ve been looking for and I am satisfied.

any question post on comments below. I will try my best to answer it.

Thank you


7 comments on “SGP Vintage edition Case for Apple iPad review

  1. Matt says:

    Is the outer leather a suede or is it full-grain leather (like a classic leather rucksack). The website says full-grain, but your description and pictures make me wonder if it is suede.

    Thanks for the review,
    – matt

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for checking out the review.

      Im not a leather expert at all, but if i can describe it as close to my knowledge, it is suede, felt like velvet. But its leather , im not surer if this make sense.
      It felt like touching a well trimmed horse’s back. I hope this helps.


  2. Gyula says:

    i really like your review and it’s pretty much all-prepared. (Nicely done). To amend it a little bit, may i have a humble request?

    (1) i’d like to see the case in “turn-out-mode”, when you flop the cover under the iPad to gain an angle (for widescreen typeing) onto the desk. if video is not possible, some pictures would be awesome as well -ofCourse-, with Your_Personal_Opinion. Does is shatter hardly the leather where it ply? 🙂

    (2) couple of months’ past since the Post, have you exp something interesting (good-or-bad), moreover you have already written down? 🙂

    thx-in-advance (from Hungary)
    ,(“)’ ByeBye

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Gyula,

      your welcome,
      To answer your question, the leather where it folds does not shatter / cracked or damaged, they are quite soft and flexible so no problem there
      I haven’t got my photo gear with me so no photo or video yet, but to type on landscape more it’s nicer if you put something so it angles , otherwise it will be just flat.
      I’ve been using this for travel and in Home and they last quite well, no markings or damage from normal use , I even get my hands wet sometimes and leave a wet mark on the leather however after it dries, mark is gone.

      I hope I am helping by answering this. any more question please don’t hesitate to ask.
      I will try to send you a picture or link to a picture once I take them



  3. Scot says:

    Just wondering if you still like the case?

    I’m having a hard time deciding between this case and the Vintcase (

    • r0gu3 says:

      Yes, I still love it and currently using it while typing this 🙂
      I choose this because it’s leather also have structure for protection.


  4. Scot says:

    Well I got the case – love it!

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