Ok, It’s finally available, I’ve waited for this since 30th July on the iPhone 4 release date in Sydney (http://wp.me/pLC9x-3F), it’s now October and I am still waiting for my free case from Apple, since they are now selling this in the Apple store, the wait is over.

My own Apple bumper for iPhone 4, the white one to be exact.

I was going to go for the black one first, to get the “Darth Vader” all black effect, but with this white one, you and I both know that the “Stormtroopers” look is way cooler.

Picture of Apply bumper with Bodyguarz screen protector

After using the speck candy shell and geometric, and on my previous post I use the Otterbox Defender, the Otterbox Defender is like my suitcase and my most rugged case when I’m travelling overseas, but locally the Otterbox felt little bulky for taking in and out of pocket 10 times a day, so unless I’m overseas or doing safaris, the apple bumper will be on all the time.

This case felt so slim and felt just right, it felt almost like having no case on the phone, the bumper lift the phone up when placed on flat surface so your shiny glass doesn’t scratch.

Apart from the retail price, I can tell you now that it’s a well designed protector and the perfect case for your precious iPhone 4 and once again, Apple doesn’t disappoint.

I was hesitant to get this at first as I was worried that it might peel the screen protector off and $39 for a piece of plastic.. right?, but once you put the bumper on properly,  you don’t want to take this off, not only it looks good, it also helps on the grip and the plastic bit doesn’t caught on your pocket like rubber does, also the most important thing is, it won’t peel off your Screen protector. (tested this with the phone in my pocket all day)

Pros: White, durable, High Quality dual tone plastic and rubber, the headphones, mic, speaker and port holes are cut perfectly fit the iPhone4, does not peel off the screen protector, built-in aluminium buttons for power and volume.

Cons: AU$39… hmm scrap that coz Im selling my free black bumper for this so it’s almost free.

These docks perfectly in the universal dock -Some of the audio might not function properly as the message appear when you dock the phone on the Universal dock, but you don’t need to take the bumper off every time you need to Dock-Charge-Sync your iPhone 4. and it Docks , sync and charge with no problem at all.



5 comments on “Bumper

  1. Curtis says:

    Wow thats awesome man and true (sorry Vader) the white stormtroopers is much cooler, though Vaders voice is awesome too. =D

    about the universal dock, call me a newbie or just not up-to-date, where can i get one? does it fit for ipods too?

    Thanks again Marcus for these cool blogs!

  2. Curtis says:

    Ok stupid me, i just went to the Apple Store Online and checked out the dock, which is pretty good, though it shows the old apple remote.

    I was wondering if they would be selling the new aluminium apple remote instead of the old plastic one?

    Hmm perhaps something worth Apple considering..

  3. Marcus says:

    yes, the Universal dock comes with the white remote not the silver ones.

    the Silver remote comes with apple TV and you can pair it so it only works with one Mac or one apple TV, otherwise every time you press the button , all your Macs in range will open “front row”

    to pair it with a single mac only , go to security in system pref -> Security -> Unlock it -> at the bottom you see there is pairing and unpairing remote.

    un pair it and pair it ( follow the instruction on screen.

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