G27 Simple Usage review

The Whole Package
Box, manual and disc
Steering wheel
Pedal (1-3/4 size of DFGT) felt really big and heavy
Small power supply
All the base of pedal, steering wheel and gearbox can be screw mounted if needed (require 6mm screw with a thread pitch of 1)

The Steering Wheel
Very Sturdy, felt strong, built from hand stitched leather and Stainless steel.
shifter pedal on steering wheel felt really responsive, you now can put your hand at 10 and 2 O’clock position and still able to shift easily

The positives about this wheel:
The feeling: The wheel felt really nice for gripping and smooth enough.
Wheel rim at 11” from stainless steel.
RPM /shift indicator and shifter pedal function really well.

Strong and sturdy
The clamping system for the base of the wheel knob pops up to make turns easier and after securing the base to the desk it can be pressed down.

The cable management rail under the base

Almost no sound when turning
The wheel is slammed about 30-40 degree in rapid movement to drift , Force feedback felt softer , more precise and the mechanical wheel is very quiet while turning.
With GT5 the 6 red buttons on the wheel is not programmable (yet) with other games like F1 2010 it apparently is.


Power indicator
No Clicking sound like driving Force GT or G25.
Reverse can be a pain where you have to press the gear knob down and shift to gear 6.
Functions really well in GT5 and works well with clutch
D-pad and four black buttons on top works like the DS3 buttons and D-pad

The Base

Big, its very big and comfortable to rest you feet on.
Clutch , Brake and Gas pedal built from Stainless steel, the pressure on each varies.
Gas being the softest and brake is the hardest , clutch felt like clutch in real car.
(there are tutorial online how how to reverse mount this in your cockpit if need to) the whole base can be taken apart and mounted into the cockpit
As a comparison, I use a standard PS3 Controller as a measurements.

Gameplay Impression

Overall Initial Impression when using this with GT5
I can’t seem to replicate dead zone that some are experiencing with GT5. ie they don’t seem to exist for me.
Pedals, steering wheel felt really precise and strong built, however since the buttons on the steering wheel is not programable in GT5(yet), when I try to drift my left hand have to let the steering wheel go to press circle on the gear box, i guess it’s just like pulling e-brake on real car. (now I have to train my brain to re-learn everything)

The Force feedback is precise : Meaning During drift when shifting the weight of the car to left or right, the wheel felt more controllable, and the shift of weight felt more precise.

The 6-speed H shifter and Clutch all works really well with GT5 , when clutch is pressed the shift indicator in GT5 will grayed out to show that it is pressed and you can’t accelerate while pressed.

Shifting from gear 5 – 3 with H-Shifter sounded different in game and it gives different results, depending on speed some cars twisted and slide right away (when decelerate without pressing the brake pedal)

Coming from DFGT with no clutch , clutch pedal can be a nuisance at first ( if you are like me braking with left foot in DFGT (instead of using heel-toe) Often as a reflect I accidentally pressed the clutch instead of brake.
I will post more with other driving games in future and cockpit mount.

Some video I made for fun (After I hard mount these G27 on a Rig) with buttkicker, enjoy.

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