Buttkicker Gamer 2 Review

One thing I always wanted when playing racing game is to feel and get as immersed as possible , first it always is the game, then the steering wheel , then the rig. next .. the Buttkicker.

For those who are wandering what it is. the Buttkicker is a rumble pack that you attached to your sofa ( for the bigger ones) and your racing rig (for the gamer series).

The Buttkicker uses the sound that is coming from pc, ps3 or Xbox 360 or any music device with audio/headphone out and transform them into vibration.

I’ve always been sceptical about these things when I first saw it, as they could be just a gimmick and doesn’t really work as advertised, or doesn’t feel as great when you put them on.

well Im glad I took a step forward to give this a go and ordered one.As I could not be more wrong about this.

First, the unit comes with:

1 x 90Watt amplifier. BKA -130C ,with standing feet

1 x wired remote

1 x Buttkicker unit with easy clamp mechanism (can only be clamped on to cylindrical pole)

5” RCA to RCA cable

5” RCA to mini 3.5mm Audio jack

3.5mm Splitter

two Velcro cable ties and rubber cable wrap.

And all the manual to set this up

You can basically attach this to your iPod or iPhone and listen and feel the base like you never will using a headphone.

The built of this unit is nothing but strong and high quality, it is very easy to set up and installed ( as long as you have a cylindrical pole to attached this to) (actually worked really well with a square post and as long as it is small enough to clamp ),and your pole can not go over 37mm diameter , my old rig’s mounting pole is a 39mm bicycle pegs, it still clamps but i rather it clamps to a smaller and more suitable pole.

The vibration: once set up correctly according to the instruction manual, make sure you lower the intensity when you first test it out or you will be shocked, it was loud on some music. I have to turn mine all the way down. explosions and car crash made it shake the most out of everything else.

Test this on tech no , R&B and House all produce a very very nice base feel in my rig.
With F1 2010 the rev of the F1 engine did not produce that much rumble as it was higher in pitch and tone, however when you hit that rumble strip, get ready for some nice surprise.

DIRT 2 and DIRT 3 is where this shine. as soon as the engine starts, my whole rig shake as if I am in the car. with the in-car view and headphone cranked to the right volume, I almost didn’t want to write this review and kept on playing…… it’s that good.

positioning this device is important, at first I put it in the middle however the “shake” bit was on the side and I can feel everytime it rumbles that it is on that side. middle gives the best result.

overall, If you have a racing rig or planning to built one, this is a must have item . Even on an office chair, with Black ops , every gunshots rattle the *** out of me.

other than the price ( bought the Au edition with 240 V and cost me $249 shipping and GST included) , I would give it a score of  9/10, enjoy the video.

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The Buttkicker Gamer 2 from Marcus Hwang on Vimeo.


2 comments on “Buttkicker Gamer 2 Review

  1. thehighway says:

    Are you able to output audio to headphones using the buttkicker amplifier? I’m looking at it as I out have a headphone output on my laptop, so I need audio for the system and then for headphones or similiar.

    • r0gu3 says:

      There is an output RCA socket however, it will be mono, as out of the 2 (red and White) RCA from the stereo 3.5mm cable, only one side goes into the AMP, and if you plug a headphone in , it will only be mono.

      I hope this answer your question.

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