Next Level Racing GT Xtreme v2.0 – Review

The GTXtreme Version2.0 by Next Level Racing

Im sure if you are reading this right now you are somewhat interested in buying or building a racing rig, number of factor which drives you in buying ( or build one yourself)
1. Adjustability
2. Comfort
3. Stability
4. Looks
5. Price ( you can put this at number 1 or 5)

Today Im going to tell you a little bit about GTXtreme V2.0 racing rig, from the time I lift the steel rod to assemble this unit I can tell that this is going to be a very very stable rig, it is not heavy however the material have a “volume” to it making it very strong.
Looking at it you can call this a “racing frame” if you want, because it actually is , a strong and minimalist looking frame. with almost no clutter and very clean design.

The Unit comes with every bit of Screws, bolt, Nuts and tools required to assemble the unit, It even came with velcro tapes, and mounting screws for the steering wheel. gearbox and Pedals.

The time it arrived It took me to assemble this is about 1 hour, I was being slow ( I could be faster) but I want precision and care not knowing if I am returning the unit after the review or not.

So Lets go over the points above.

1. Adjustability
The pedal mount can be adjusted left or right if you hard mount it which I did
The Chair can be slide just like in a car and fully reclined.
The Gear mount is fixed in position however there are options of how close / far from you the gear pole can be mounted.
Lastly the Steering wheel base plate can only be mounted forward or backwards on specific screw holes but there are no tilt or rising it higher or lower for adjustability.
Everything is fixed mounted with screws (hex M6 Bolt) so if you need to re-adjust the ease to adjusting is not there, bare in mind though once it is adjusted to the right position the whole thing feels right, for this I give Adjustability  7/10

Gear mount

Very very solid Steering wheel mount and support post (left and right) (V2.0 of GTXtreme includes these arms)

Pedal mount

2. Comfort
After several easy distance and seat tilt adjustment the Pleather semi bucket chair is proven to be very very comfortable however I would prefer a full bucket seat, the steering wheel position height is just right for me in other word perfect.

I am quite tall so I find that sometimes the pedal mount is a bit on the short side, If I move the chair back to accommodate my long legs , the steering wheel is too far away (I have a very normal length arm and legs) , so in the end I ended up moving (unscrewing with allen key and wrench) the Steering wheel base plate and mounting it in the closest position to the chair to match my needed leg length, and this fixed my problem. I give it 8/10 for Comfort

Smooth comfortable Pleather stitched seat

The V1.0 of this rig may have stability issue in the past , however as of this review it is v2.0 and with the stability pole arm mount on the side of the middle steering wheel neck, it is as stiff as a rock , I was driving X1 2010 with Force feedback more than what I normally use, and this thing is ROCK SOLID, Dirt 3 with gravel, air time and gymkhana does not move it even a slightest bit. the mount shake a little however this is more solid than me mounting it on the desk and there are no squeaking sound ( if you wander the pole squeak when shaken or move, they don’t! and it still stiff as arock) this unit is so solid, it felt liek you could sit on the wheel mount and it wouldn’t wiggle a bit  –  10/ 10 for Stability

4. Looks
Simplistic , sturdy, clutter free, it is a moderate looking rig, It is almost STEALTH looking and good , I have it under my old monitor mounting table and I can almost tell no different in look from the previous self built rig. But man what a different it makes once you drive with the GTXtreme, For the Looks 8/10


5. Price
For The Current price of $599 it really can’t get any better , you know playseat cost a bit less , however playseat does not come with buttkicker mount nor shifter mount , so you need to bought that separately or make one yourself (cost me $40) to make a Buttkicker mount on my custom rig and it doesn’t feel as right or as good as the GTXtreme. and the middle post on playseat is a no no, Heel-toe ing on a centre post design such as playseat will kill your shin.
this Rig can have the optional Keyboard and mouse mount for another AU$49  and/or a Monitor Mount for another $99, so for the price at this stage it is a bit much than the rest, Price 8.5/10

since Buttkicker Mount also comes with this…. what the ….??!
I found a strange looking square pole around 8cm , at first I thought “No, that can’t be It” , the pole is suppose to be round, square will not mount, I was so certain that it will not mount and even though it did , it will rattle and shake off the mounting pole.
I was so wrong , it was mounted diagonally so every edge of the square pole ” connect to the easy clamp wall and it sticks really strong now even a slightest rumble I could feel it the way It was suppose to I don’t need to hit rumble strip in F1 2010 in order to feel the vibration, even on the asphalt it was softly rumbling enough for me to notice since the mounting pole directly attached ( metal to metal) to the frame of chair’s base. it is FANTASTIC.

see: square pole, it works really well.

After building and hiding cables of the G27 wheel,pedal / gear box on the rig ,I wanted to share with you reader in Australia or world for that matter, that this rig have a very very solid built, with the top paint quality that feels like powder coated paint, very smooth, strong and stable the Pleather stiched seat is the most comfortable to sit on upon hours of testing this unit. Overall Score 8.5/10.

Last but not least I would like to say Thanks to Hess from Pagnian Imports for sending us this rig for review.

Please enjoy the video below.

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GT Xtreme v2 Review from Marcus Hwang on Vimeo.



2 comments on “Next Level Racing GT Xtreme v2.0 – Review

  1. Aro Gantz says:

    Nice review Marcus, shame about the adjustability of the unit as that is key for me. I’ll have to make my own I feel.

    • r0gu3 says:

      The Adjustability of the rig is forward and backwards, however the height should be standard ( comparison to my old desk tray – which is too low) or the desk itself which is too high , the baseplate for mounting the wheel is exactly in between those heigts.

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