Human Racing GT Chassis (Iridium SLS Edition) Review

Human Racing GT Chassis (Iridium SLS Edition) Review

For you that follows the latest broadcast from ISR tonight or into Racing Games, you will know that the Human Racing GT Chassis was recently reviewed.
my point of writing is to hopefully to add to a review from and end user perspective, what I experience and expect from this racing-rig ART.

HumanRacing GT Chassis been around for a while, it’s just I have just noticed them recently, as a matter of fact they are the folks that is responsible for the full F1 cockpit simulators that driven by David Coulthard and or Kimi / Fishichella at racing venues.

Back to the point, I fell in love with these GT Chassis when I first saw a member from GT Planet post his custom white Chassis on the forum.

Some of you may think that you prefer the home made racing rig from wood or metal and think that it is the most flexible rig for you, but you have to be a woodworker, metal bender or have a pretty expensive tool at your disposal to create something as comfortable and as smooth as this rig.

my ‘Autobots’ Chassis

Lets get over some points for this review
1. Adjustability
2. Comfort
3. Stability

If you notice from my previous post of racing rig reviews I have been trying to stay away from the centre post design, no offence to them, but I have been somewhat against those types as no matter how many times I have been confirmed that they have not intrude, they somewhat “still there” mentally and physically. So after testing this rig for the past 3 Weeks (3-4 hours daily minimum dosage),Here is my most honest and humble review of this rig.

1. Adjustability
This has got to be the most adjustable racing rig I have ever come across.
For the Wheel mount not only that they have 2 Tilt Points and 1 Telescopic Point.
You can adjust them until it is in a very very comfortable arm position and angle, and they are so easy to re-adjust.

For the Gear Mount – It has 2 Tilt Points to adjust angle and height. also they are attached the the chair slider so it is the same distance regardless whether you slide the seat forward or backwards.

The GT CHASSIS is manufactured from SPECIALISED POLYMER and features ROBUSTLY BUILT ALUMINIUM MOVING PARTS providing stability as well as retractability – for hard steering, braking and gear changes.

On top of the above this rig comes with a very cool Leather pouch for the adjusting tools consisting of 2 Different sizes (huge) allen keys and a high quality aluminium Hex Wrench. I have re-adjust the gear and wheel mount 3 times since I got it ( including first install position) and these is very very adjustable rig and they are so sturdy ( later points) for Adjustability It’s 10/10

2. Comfort

see: “Pedal’s reflections”, the paint quality are consistent all across the GT Chassis, I wish the photo can do it’s justice.

The Seat, Driving position, pedal position, wheel angle and distance all comes into an important factor when you mention comfort, this again excel in comfort and blew other rig out of the water in terms of Cushion and back support of the Bucket seat, in addition to all the above adjustability making this the most comfortable rig and piece of art I come to love. I spent 6 hours straight racing and watching movies ( i know ) in it and after getting up I did not feel any discomfort in my leg or back, mind you I have had a lumbar operation when I was young so a tiny bit of un-ergonomic position would trigger a slight discomfort, With this rig, even after 6 hours continuous play and seating position, I got up feeling as good as I was..
In addition, to meet the real driving position, The GT Chassis has no central bar between legs which every driver can enjoy the most comfortable driving, or even using the “Heel-Toe”
Need I say more ?
Comfort 10/10

As ISR Stated, Other Rig should look at how stable this rig is, rapid counter-steer, maximum force-feedback using F1 and real-feel mod in rFactor (for those who plays rFactor know how strong the ForceFeedback are in real-feel plugins, they are not called real-feel for nothing, every Shift creates that Positive Jolt on the Steering wheel however the GT Chassis stays solid , the right hand pull during the down slope sharp right turn in “Les Combes” (SPA Belgium) requires a bit of strength to counter pull the f1 to keep in track and this rig very stable.

This whole Chassis, not including the seat and gear mount, is ONE piece so no loose metal or joints in between. Stability it is 10/10

In order for me to explain how beautifull the design, the contour and curves of this piece of art and high class furniture, please see picture below, the real car metallic paint quality, the smooth edges, g27 wheel and pedal felt like it is one with this rig. I just purchase a Clubsport Pedal from Fanatec and HumanRacing are sending me the Converter plate free of charge. it is going to look even more unified now that the clubsport is silver coloured.Looks 10/10 – I wanted to give it a 12/10 (It’s just look THAT good)

5. Price
This is one of those things that you can put as your first and most important points or your last/least.

HumanRacing GT Chassis is priced at around US$1500 ex delivery, however if you think about factor of the design, built quality, comfort, stability, and not to mention looks in your living room, It is a Living Room Trophy.
For That Price I could’ve gone for the F1 Red Bull Playseat or the Vision Racer 3 rig , again the centre post design of those two rigs and the wood and metal plus non adjustability of those two rigs , plus the the great quality of the actual Frame of the GT Chassis makes this rig a clear winner.

I know what I want, it’s just like buying a car, some cars are more luxurious and expensive than others, it depends on what you really want and whether or not all the above is very important to you, to me it is, I have been changing 2 rigs before this and the time and money I spent on to building and assembling them, none comes even close to the comfort and adjustability of HumanRacing GT Chassis. Plus when your in Australia everything is very expensive, for example, Vision racer3 Cost around AU$1200, a regular metal rig cost around $650 not to mention there is no adjustability and look. now comparing the look and comfort and all that factor above side by side (put them side by side in your living room) and If you are in the Market for the highest quality Racing Chassis, I think after careful consideration and comparison you will too ended up getting this beautiful Human Racing GT Chassis

Price it is 9/10

One thing I must say I missed is the Buttkicker mount, however Im sure I can make something similar to the picture here underneath the GT Chassis Seat

This is not my seat and picture. however to explain the concept, this has similar seat rail to the Human Racing GT Chassis and have similar height gap. So It’s very doable.

Extra Points:

My experience dealing with humanRacing Team has been a Very positive ones, I’ve advised them that I purchased a clubsport pedal after the purchase of GTChassis, they air shipped the Converter plate for Clubsport mount at no charge to me. Overall I am really satisfied with their professionalism and customer service. They also air-freighted the brand new chair and plate , I ended up paying a bit for the Qantas Terminal fee.

Quick Pro points in HumanRacing GT Chassis.

– Beautifull
– Strong
– The Most Flexible, adjustable and ergonomic racing rig I have ever seen/ known.
– The highest quality paint ( I was told mine was in Iridium – the SLS AMG color) and the shine /reflection of the paint is fantastic.
– The best after sales service you can find.
– The whole rig just spell out Quality and luxury.
– The most comfortable bucket seat I have ever tried on a racing rig
– This is the most “wife approved” racing rig for your living room ( a living room trophy), I love my wife and having her support and having her wanting to jump in to the GT Chassis and play along makes this worth every penny.

Lastly I would like to Thank Chris Clements from PseudoRacing, Tinnakorn, Thanavud and Phil Williams from HumanRacing for the support and for sending a converter plate and seat at the color and fabric of my choice in such a quality and fast manner.

Enjoy pictures below

(Sep 13/2011) Still waiting for the Clubsport converter plate and New custom seat to arrive.

A preview of what it will look like with the Clubsport

I Will post Video of the new seat and Clubsport Pedal in action once arrived. one thing missing is my Frex Sequential which takes forever to come.

Direct Quote from Human Racing:

Ergonomically built to fit a range of human body types and according to a minimalist design philosophy that at every turn eliminates the unnecessary, the highly refined GT CHASSIS provides the ultimate in simulated driving experiences.

Allowing bespoke adjustments to match your very precise individual demands without sacrificing on strength or stability, this sunning piece of automotive design truly brings man and machine closer together, and with this the race track into your home.

Anything more would hinder the experience.
Anything less would not be racing.

We are human. We are here to race.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writting it.



9 comments on “Human Racing GT Chassis (Iridium SLS Edition) Review

  1. Olivier says:

    Hi ans Thx for the review!
    Did you find a way to mount your Buttkicker?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Mate,
      I found a way to mount a buttkicker before on the side where the gear holder is but on the other side. however the most efficient way of doing it is to have a “plate” or base of the Rig (possibly from wood ) and mount the Buttkicker on that base, that way the rumble effect travel via the wood throughout the whole rig

    • josh says:

      How did you connect your thrustmaster shifter to the gt3 rs when you were using that wheel? Would you recommend the thrustmaster shifter over csr elite shifter?

  2. Y. Thaing says:

    I want one of these. How did you get this rig into Australia? Their website has next to nothing except beautiful pictures. How much did it cost in total, inc. shipping?

  3. Y. Thaing says:

    Thanks for the swift reply Marcus.
    They told me there’s an Australian distributor here. I’ll contact them.

    I just wanted to also ask you of your experience with the height of the steering. From all the pictures, it looks so low, but it looks very adjustable. I just don’t know how adjustable.
    I’ve spent quite a bit of effort to try and get my current rig to have the steering wheel and pedals as high as possible. Pretty much blocking my view a bit. I’ve got the GTPro v1 from pagnian, and there’s practically no adjustability. To make matters worse my shifter mount only has 1 position, and it’s too far back. There’s no lumbar support, pedals are too low, no shifter mount on the right side… I could go on and on about it’s faults. But for nearly 2k, I’m not sure I’m buying an improvement. I don’t care about the looks.

    • r0gu3 says:

      Mate, you can get it high. depending on your wheel, but all the top my wheels rim (GT3RS and T500 RS) are all at eye level.
      I wasn’t sure if the AU disty was still there at the time of reply, sorry I thought it’s best for you to get the info straight from Tin@HR, another thing is, if you want custom colour, you might have to get them from Tin instead of AU disty, at least that was my experience before.

      • josh says:

        How did you connect your thrustmaster shifter to the gt3 rs wheel?

      • r0gu3 says:

        Hi Josh,
        The Th8RS (thrusmaster 8way shifter) is connected via USB when I was using the GT3RS,so you can’t play GT5 with it unless you have a T500 RS Wheel. I was using it for PC which works with any usb Shifter.
        Yes the Th8RS is a very good Shifter at a very good price. I would recommend this over the CSR Shifter any day. I should know as I use 2 of Th8RS at one time. (for PC only) one for H-Patern and another is for Analogue Handbrake.

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