HumanRacing GT Chassis Iridium with Clubsport Pedal

As promised, the custom seat and Fanatec Clubsport Pedal converter plate was air freighted to Sydney and finally arrived here after couple of days and I must say Im very impress with the quality of the paint job, as always.I’d like to use this chance to thank Human Racing again for making and sending these all the way from Thailand to Australia.

Please enjoy these pictures below.
PS: HumanRacing also have keyboard and Mouse stand for this Chassis, and I am looking forward to test them out once available.

Here’ s a bit of after/before picture

Before and After

while still using G27 pedal I managed to take couple of shots

Plate converter during assembly (4 long M6 hex screws are also included in the package)

After Assembly

Final Results

Must admit they do looks nice together. (still a bit of cable clutter)

looking a bit like a space car isn’t it

Time for me to test drive this beauty

Here’s the Video of CSP +G27 in action (bit of fun project to say thank you to HumanRacing)

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I Hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have.
Thank you for reading.


5 comments on “HumanRacing GT Chassis Iridium with Clubsport Pedal

  1. niels says:

    Great rig. Now try “left steering” like the rest of the world. 😉

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