How to mount Fanatec Shifter to HumanRacing GT Chassis Racing Rig

I’ve been receiving couple of questions in the past in regards to the mounting of the Fanatec Clubsport Pedal on to the humanRacing Gt Chassis rig, however one of the important questions that people often forgot is they will use and require a shifter as well. For those that have owned or used Fanatec Shifter know that the mounting solution for them sucks, because of these there are after market bracket just to cater this. Well instead of spending another $40-$60 on top of the Shifter (ie the after market brackets only work with 1 or 2 brand of racing rig and they are not the majority), I decided to use a very simple and cheap solutions to mount them on my HumanRacing GT Chassis (Until they produce an official mounting bracket for this Shifter). I also want to make sure that they are Sturdy, because it is not worth doing if it’s not strong enough. What I use was 2 x 2mm wide and 2 x 3mm wide cable ties. below image are the results. The H-Patern Shifter on the Left side As you see the bottom of the shifter have no mounting point whatsoever and the PS/2 connection to the wheel is at the bottom of the shifter Meanwhile the sequential I mount on the right to enable fast switching from the H-Patern to Sequential. Connection for the shifters are on both sides of the wheel. but they cannot be both connected at the same time. Switching is simply pulling one and plugging the other. The Infamous “Chopstick” mount it’s quite sturdy for the Sequential shifter but not the H-patern. For H-Ppatern Shifter of Fanatec I would recoomend hard mounting them on to a sturdy platform instead of using the “Chopstick” The results are phenomenal , quick switching and sturdy mount, which also mean I don’t have to pull shifter out of the chopstick mount whenever I need to change shifter ( they are quite hard to pull out) Here are the video displaying how sturdy it is I hope this little tips helps you in someways that it has help myself. happy racing and we’ll see you on the track 🙂 Marcus

UPDATE post: HumanRacing have just announced their new designed Fanatec CSR Shifter mount. Check out pictures below.

Pictures are courtesy of HumanRacing and V12 Germany

Another simple yet very elegant design and accessories for the GT Chassis.

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