New Clubsport converter kit for HumanRacing GT Chassis overview

New Designed Fanatec Clubsport Pedal converter plate for HumanRacing GT Chassis.

The Kit consist of
A. 1 Top plate (Smaller)
B. Bottom plate (Larger)
C. 4 x M8 Hex Bolts and Nuts
D. 4 x M6 Hex bolts

I have just recently received a new converter plate for my GT Chassis from humanRacing, at first I honestly wasn’t expecting much from a converter plate for the CSP, some of you may even think , “what’s the big deal about this converter plate”, well today im going to describe to you some of the benefits and difference as to why this is so much better comparing to the first version below:

Predecessor Clubsport converter Kit (Square design with 4 holes on each plate catering the need of mounting Clubsport pedal to the Gt Chassis

A. As you can see the first version is rectangular in shape and all 4 corners sticking out from the chassis base, the new design have rounded less protrusion, but also what you can’t tell from the picture is the weight.

B. The new design is about a third of it’s predecessor’s weight, with the hollow centre( see pic below) it reduces so much weight and with it’s contour design it maximises area of usage ( clubsport pedal footprint) yet minimises foot print of the actual converter plate and most importantly maintaining the same strength with only a third of the weight.

Top plate (New and improved design)

C. It’s made from 4.5mm high-grade brushed aluminium plate that is laser cut and drilled to precision.

I measure the thickness of the plate and this is what I came up with, 4.77mm thick.

Bottom plate

Contour design making this a much natural looking accesories.

D. Not only that it looks so much cooler than it’s predecessor, The hole of the plate fits perfectly with both the M8s and M6s without the need of the Nuts securing it, nevertheless the whole kit comes complete with the nuts and washers, this makes the plate so much easier and faster to instal without the need of using hex wrench to secure them, the plate’s screw holes comes threaded.

Ready to mount the Fanatec Clubsport Pedal

Installation is a breeze, all the holes lined up perfectly, 4xM6s from the bottom of GT Chassis screw straight to the plate and , 4 x M8s for securing the Clubsport Pedal.

With design such as this, the new plate actually reduces the amount of the protrusion corners from the base of the Chassis and as a result, the Clubsport pedal felt more as one(unify) to the GT Chassis now than ever, not only that I can hardly tell if there is a plate underneath, as the one before is much easier to spot.

more unify design.

All that little details above may seem too small to matter, however it all makes installing it, using it and looking at it much much easier, all those are the results of great designing and careful planning which should not be taken lightly.

Design and appearance compliments the Chassis and the Clubsport Pedal
Felt much firmer and more secure
Lighter in weight with same strength
Ready to install threaded screw holes, making this a hassle free to do.

None really

In the future when Fanatec finally shipped their CSR Elite pedal to australia, with the inverter kit. this plate will be a godsend as I can finally have inverted pedal on the Chassis if I decide to get the new pedal.
However for you GT Chassis owner out there that is planning or thinking of getting a CSP , CSR Elite pedal or the CSR Pedal , this converter kit is a tiny factor but is also very essential part.

I want to thank HumanRacing for creating and sending these plates to me, little things like this that makes me certain that not only they answer to the customer’s request but also improving the product to another level than just a bare minimum.

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