HumanRacing GT Chassis Keyboard and Mouse tray (updated 16 Sep 2012)

Over the time I’ve been looking for racing rig that have all in compatibility, accessories ,ergonomics, looks and simplicity , but never have I met a company that responded to customer’s request, produce result so promptly and elegantly, until now.

Just a number of months ago, I was watching Shaun from SRT done the review on HumanRacing GT Chassis, and there was no accessories offered at the time, after consulting with shaun re quality of built and confirming with other owner, Im really glad I made that decision, The HumanRacing accessories that they produce not only compliments the rig but also making it more elegant from what has already a very nice rig.

To see some of the early release accessories like:

1. Fanatec clubsport pedal converter plate, head to :
2. Then the Fanatec CSR Shifter mount head to :
and in addition to the above, they have a just released a keyboard and mouse tray for the HumanRacing GT Chassis.

And since I got my hands on the accessories, I have been using it for the past 2 days, I will describe them in as details as possible for you and do a review on this.

A very simple looking elegant design.

Firstly the Keyboard and mouse tray are made from 4.5mm thick Aluminium plate that is laser cut and drilled to be mounted onto the included or additional gear mount, and they can be mounted on the left or right side of the Chassis’ seat.

The Dimensions are:

  • Keyboard tray is 20cm x 15cm
  • Mouse tray is 20cm x 18.5cm

The mouse tray is covered with a grippy mouse pad surface material and it is mounted with 2 x M6 Hex Screw on to the gear mount handle (included / optional)

The Gear mount is the same as one that comes with the rig, and it is an optional – so for those who does not use the gear mount do not have to purchase another gear mount and can save even more on cost.

( I received my review unit with it) so since I mount my gear on the left for australian driving, the Keyboard and mouse tray goes on the right side of the seat.

The keyboard tray is mounted on to the mouse tray’s centre edge by a small angled pole.

the Kit comes with :

A. Gear mount, ( that can be reverse mounted left or right) also comes with 2xM6 Hex screw (optional)

B. Mouse Tray (Aluminium Base 4.5mm thick high grade) with mousepad surface material on top and mounting point on bottom

4.5mm thick aluminium mouse pad surface.

Bottom view of mousepad that attaches to the gear mount.

C. Keyboard tray with 2 x Velcro tape for securing keyboard or your button box.
D. A small angled pole for mounting keyboard tray at an angle and it is all fully adjustable.

Mounting and assembly is very easy, all the nuts and screws comes and fairly straight forward.
what makes this design special is that the tray can be adjusted like the shifter/gear and they make your rig very elegant.

One word that my wife said after I finished installing this was “sexy”. Not only that, it is actually very strong since they are mounted on the gear mount.

The Result, is a fully adjustable mount in angle height and tilt of both the trays.

I did not use the included velcro tap as my Apple™ keyboard’s battery compartment latch on perfectly. When I get a button box, they will utilise the velcro.

Here are my opinions after using this for couple of days

  • The Mouse pad is very smooth and also provide traction for mouse movement.
  • It is very sturdy, both keyboard and mouse looks and felt “balance” .
  • The height of the keyboard is spot on, the angle adjustable to the most comfortable position. I typed a whole email on it without using the velcro for testing and the keyboard stays on ( not bouncing around) .
  • Even though they are both on the right side, It actually feels ok to type, as if your keyboard is on the right side of the desk.
  • With additional arm on both side, it did not hinder entering/exiting the rig
  • It has really made this rig an even better looking and more comfortable rig.

With this Additional mouse and Keyboard stand, making changes on the fly now made even easier while driving.
I never know mow much I needed this before , and now that I have this , It is hard to Imagine driving without this.

There are many racing rig out there that have the additional functionality and accessories but not the look, or vice-versa, this rig has both and HumanRacing have done it with style.

Thanks to everyone at HumanRacing team especially (Thanavud) for producing and designing ,(Tinnakorn) for sending it in addition to the other accessorises. I look forward to their near future design and additions.

I hope you enjoy this review.

Below is a little video slideshow displaying assembly and how adjustment method.

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****** September 16 2012 Update video*******

Strength and stability demonstration on the GT Chassis shifter mount .


10 comments on “HumanRacing GT Chassis Keyboard and Mouse tray (updated 16 Sep 2012)

  1. Nelly says:

    Hey, great article. Bookmarked the site 😉

  2. Jef says:

    This gives me a watering mouth… Seems so great, that rig! I’ll begin to save money for it!

    • r0gu3 says:

      Cheers, yeah I love HR rig, you should check out the facebook. they have even more awesome modders there. one with CST pedals recently.

  3. r0gu3 says:

    Reblogged this on Marcushwang's web log and commented:

    Added new video Testing Strength and stability of the Shifter mount.

  4. jefbougy says:

    Hi, Marcus, great video describing your rig! 😉

    I noticed that you run an iMac! (So do I)…. Tel me, is Iracing working with mac osX? How did you get your Fanatec wheel to be recognised by the iMac? I have to run it in windows mode to play with my wheel and games… Do you have a tip about this?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Yup Im running Mountain Lion at the moment, , iRacing and Other Sims are running under Bootcamp in win 7, not OSx, so I have to restart to windows each time I want to race, which is a pain. lol.

      • jefbougy says:

        I agree! Same configuration for me! Lion and W7 through bootcamp… Ah, the day when Apple will include simracing games and drivers into their closed world will be a glorius one! 😀

  5. Nice review man! Why don’t you consider doing this full time?
    Enjoyed reading & looking at the pictures. Btw, is this accessory from HR?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Thanks Fuji, hmm I would if I could, but this is like a public service for sim racing community, sharing ideas, instead of making profit. so still need to feed the family somehow. 🙂

      yes those are also HR Accessories. it’s the same as shifter mount except you may have the Keyboard and mouse mounted on them. or if you taken it of, it could be another gear mount.

  6. Tyler says:

    I would like to know where you got the board with all the buttons and switches

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