Frex Shift+ With Fanatec Wheel

Quick Tutorial of how to connect Frex Shift + with Fanatec wheel.

This quick guide is for those whom are still wondering or unsure if you can connect a Frex Shift + Directly to your Fanatec Wheel.

I have just received my order of Frex Shift + in a mail after much waiting(1 month) for an assembly to start, the package was air frighted from Osaka and got to Sydney within 3 days.

It gets really interesting, I found out that the frex comes with joint PS/2 connection as well as bare wires in the end

I thought to my self sweet, I don’t have to wire it to a ps/2 socket and it will just work straight with my GT3RS v2. Tried it and they don’t work straight up, the wiring is a bit different to what the Porsche wheel use. but no problem, I always knew that you can wire them direct, just have to find the right pin number to wire it to.

So I opened up my Fanatec Sequential shifter to find out which pin does what on the PS2/ connection, since I’m not going to use that shifter anymore, decide to cut the ps/2 connector underneath the shifter ( by the way if you don’t have these shifter lying around) the PS/2 connector can be acquired from an electronic shop for around 10-20 cents each.

Im posting a picture below to show you which pin(s) the fanatec shifter use. if you are following this guide, don’t worry about wiring it incorrectly, I did it the first 2 times.

On the Frex Shift+
Orange is (shift up)
Red is Ground
Black (is shift down)

Now all you have to do is solder or wire crimp those 3 colours to the correct pins on your PS/2 connector as per picture above.
Here’s another close up (The PURPLE PS/2 SOCKET is the one inside the FANATEC Sequential shifter.

See what I did was using a “Chocolate block” that blue connector on top to pinch the wire together ( screwed in) instead of using solder . The purple square at the bottom is the ps/2 connector ( those Pins with soldered wire) 3 of them are what Fanatec uses with my porsche wheel ( pin assignment should be the same across all Fanatec wheel).

At the moment I hot glued and cable tied the to secure the connection.

End result ( cable still messy , I did just received this 1 hour ago and taking picture to make this tutorial so no time to tidy up cables)

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Here’s the Video for you displaying Frex Shift+ works with GT5 ( only if you connect this to another controller ( like the button box) or direct to the PS/2 Port.

Good luck to everyone , this should be an easy project for anyone that wants to use Frex Shift+ with their wheel direct.
Below are some more pictures of mine, just after arriving in the Concierge.



6 comments on “Frex Shift+ With Fanatec Wheel

  1. José Santos says:

    Hi Sir

    After i buy Fanatec GT2 i would love to have compatibility with FrexGP Shifter Type G…

    I see you have connected Fanatec GT3 to sequencial Frex GP without problems.

    Do you have any idea if is it possible to connect Type G Shift 6+ to Fanatec GT2 and PS3/Xbox360, or it will be impossible !?

    I use sequencial paddles fanatec GT2 wheel, that´s because i would like to have FrexGP type G shift 🙂
    Many Thanks Sir
    Kind Regards
    José Santos

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi José,
      I have heard it is possible to do it with Frex H shifter, however I cannot confirm this as I do not own one.
      I ‘ve come across wiring diagram a while ago however I have not seen a video or tutorial available
      Another thing is if you want easy solution, google interfaceone and you should find that he sells an adapter straight to Fanatec wheel for Th8RS or Frex H Shift.
      However not sure if he is still selling it anymore.
      good luck, I will post a tutorial if I manage to get H shift from Frex, but for now Im quite happy with the Th8RS.

  2. José Santos says:


    Is it dificult to connect TH8RS to fanatec Wheel!?
    I read somthink about BasherBoards to connect TH8RS shifter cto ps3, xbox360 or pc, but i don´t have 100% feedback positive about this box 😦
    Could you explain how connect TH8RS to Fanatec wheel!?
    Many thanks again Dear Sir
    Kind Regards
    José Santos

  3. frapster says:

    Hello Marcus

    Thank you very much for your guide.

    I wonder however if anyone else has the same issue as I have, as I want to plug my Shifter+ to CSW wheel (same for CSRE-E i believe) base but as I do not have the purple fanatic made female plate from an old shifter using 2 blacks and one red wire, I have to use either of the 2 PS2 -> RJ11 adapters for pedals/shifters that come with the base. So you get whole lot more of wires to try and match to Frex’s 3, but it is rather difficult, so far I haven’t hit any combinations to enable the sequential shifts.

    Would be great if you or someone else kind enough and of course knowing the answer themselves knew what these two standard adapters wiring mapping is, which would be live, Up and Down to match Frex’s wires to?

    best regards


    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Frapster,
      Just buy a PS/2 connector from ebay and wire them the same as my picture (one with purple connector holding the wire) the picture should display which pins connected – those are the ones fanatec uses. If you use the same one , it should work with your CSW – as the RJ11 is only an extension into the CSW body

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