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Many of you that known /own a Thrustmaster T500 RS wheel , knew that they’ve released the H-Patern Shifter that can also be change into a Sequential mode by changing the Plate around.Well I have just acquired one recently and I’m quite pleased with it, so Im going to share a bit about what they can do.

1. H Pattern Shifter – Adjustable tension and they feel really good. The throw is a bit on the larger side , however this can be shorten by shortening the shaft.

2. Sequential mode. I personally think they are really nice. it have a solid and dampened “Thump” to it , very rugged and solid feel to it.

3. My personal favourite and this is my main reason of buying this shifter in the first place ( Im curious to try and see if this is only good on paper).
The Handbrake mode (Analogue mode)
Instead of acting like a button (on/off) on each gate/ shift , by turning on the analogue mode (clicking analogue in the shifter properties in the control panel),

The shifter acts like an axis and progressively increase the value the more you pull. All you do is rotate the H-patern plate like below.

So gear “1” is on the right top corner and Gear “R” is on the bottom left corner.
so once you pull the lever towards you the axis’ value increase.. hence analogue mode.
And of course you can map this as “accelerate” or anything in game however that’s the gas pedal’s job.

This is meant to be assign as a Handbrake function, it simulates Handbrake in cars. ie. the more you pull, the harder it brakes.
before I continue further, I wanted to mention some fact below.

I think Thrustmaster really outdone themselves here, this is the only shifter that have 3 different functions in one, and they’ve done it really well with adjustable tension, rotatable mount and rotatable shifter position, they have really thought and planned about this , and the quality of the shifter it self is amazing.
A. 90% is metal,
B. No internal mechanical friction ( Hall Effect Sensor) so you’ll have unlimited lifetime ( at least that’s what they claimed to be)
C.Works on PC and PS3 ( however the analogue mode is PC only)
D. Adjustable tension.
E. Excellent Price at US $149 from

Back to the Handbrake topic, pulling the lever may simulate handbrake but one thing that is missing is the tension, there is almost no tension when pulling the handbrake this way, at least not a progressive tension, so I did a little “nixim-like” mode to it, what you can do to make the tension rise the more you pull the lever is by adding a simple piece of innocent foam/rubber in front of the lever, at least now you need to apply more force to brake harder and you can gauge how much you want to park that truck.

Another thing , I know rally Handbrake is supposed to be Vertical, but Im so used to Horizontal/ angled handbrake and the car that I drive in real live have horizontal/angled handbrake, it’s only second nature and Automatic reflex that every time Im aiming for the Handbrake my arm reach to the side instead of up front. This has now my permanent Handbrake.

I love using them this way, it felt so natural, I don’t even have to look where they are when I need them now, but this is of course a personal preferences, I suggest you give horizontal mount a try and see how easy it becomes now to pull the lever.

My rig have rotatable gear mount so it’s very easy to change the angles or heights, it’s also another reason why I love this rig more than any other rig on the market.

I hope this helps you in making your decision easier if you are still deciding which shifter to get.
The Video below demonstrates the better angle for me and how you put it in analogue mode. Enjoy

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2 comments on “TH8RS modes

  1. Nikolay says:

    please help me. Tell me please – you conected TH8RS witch whell Fanatec???? – if yes – plese where i can see your gaid

  2. Jef says:

    Great review! I mentionned it in my TH8RS test on! Thanks for the handbrake tips!

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