What can Xpadder do

To easily explain this. Xpadder is one of the keyboard and button mapping software, it can basically turn your joystick/ button box in to keyboard strokes, mouse axis and/or button, and with your button box, the possibilities are endless.

What I did with mine was to assign, a button to say “thanks”, “Good Luck”, 1 button for no tire or no fuel, 1 button for 7.9l of fuel and 3.9 l of fuel for quick pit stop.
I never have to race that long to need a pit stop. yet. however if Im moving to ovals it’s going to be very handy.

Here’s a quick demonstration of what the Xpadder can do on the button box.

Xpadder can be bought/Downloaded for AU$10.95 from www.xpadder.com, and all Manuals and instructions can be downloaded from here



3 comments on “Xpadder

  1. santanabras says:

    what program do you use to run i speed on your Ipad?

  2. santanabras says:

    how do you get to use the ispeed program on your ipad ?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi, turn on the Web Server Function in iSpeed in PC and it will give the ip address, use that IP address and port on your ipad web browser.

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