SLI-PRO and SLIMAX-Manager V2.2

*****UPDATE 23-4-2012 (Custom limiter message display for each Sim)*****

The SLI-PRO now displaying different Speed Limiter message during Pit, works on iRacing, rFactor and Race07/Injection Steam version.

Video is below this message.


Quick video guide of how you can customize your SLI-PRO and new features of the Version 2.2 and how to restore old settings into new version.

This is not a full tutorial, however if you have installed V2.1, then the newest Version 2.2 (for 21 April 2012) should easily installed on the old version and your old configs and scripts are backed up in your installation folder, in addition The new Version 2.2 have much more config files inside the CFG folder, and the ability to map Characters to your rotary switch.

full details are at



2 comments on “SLI-PRO and SLIMAX-Manager V2.2

  1. Todd says:

    Hi Marcus, great video ty, I have the SLIEmu on smart phone and I have been looking for a tutorial for setting in slimax mngr for it. Dont know if you can help but want to change led colors but can’t figure it out.


    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Todd, you’re welcome, Im not too sure about the SLI-Emu as it is software base, I don’t know how you can change color, maybe ask Zappadoc in the forum, he respond quite quickly

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