Final Analogue Handbrake Mount

Just a quick update of how I mount my final Handbrake mount with 2 x TH8RS to the Human Racing GT Chassis Rig.

Received another TH8RS Shifter from a good friend, and turns out his’s Shifter felt much more natural and clunkier than mine, the H-Patern Plate is much shinier while my original one are more on the dove side.

Needless to say I convert mine to the Analogue Handbrake mode and use Xpadder to map the shifter for older games that don’t support more than 3 controllers.

With his Handbrake plate for Th8RS it is now officially a Rally Handbrake 🙂

Thanks for checking out these pictures

Here’s a test Video RBR Rally School:

Another one with Dirt3  – Better visual on the Gear and Handbrake.



13 comments on “Final Analogue Handbrake Mount

  1. Johan says:

    Do you mind linking that knob you got on the TH8RS?

  2. jefbougy says:

    Great God, It’s a plane that you’ll be soon able to fly with all these knobs on your left side! 😉 nice job! Where did you find the “analog hand brake” plate?

  3. John Doe says:

    Just wondering, is it possible/easy to mount a shifter AND a handbrake on the same/single shifter mount on the Human Racing GT chasis? Or do you need to modify the shifter mount to hold both?

  4. John Doe says:

    Or did you mount two shifter mounts together so that you can mount both at the same time (it’s not 100% clear from the pictures what you’ve done). The reason I ask is because I’m thinking about buying a Human Racing GT Cockpit but not sure if its possible to mount shifter and handbrake together (or whether I need to buy an extra shifter mount and then connect them two together?) Thanks!

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi John,
      It is possible to mount to TH8RS onto a single shifter mount of the GT Chassis , the way I did it was not permanent (if you notice the horizontal handbrake) , but for vertical handbrake. yes. it is quite easy to mount both the Shifter and another one as a handbrake on to a single “pole” of the shifter mount.

      one thing I did was drill an M6 hole in the middle of the GT Chassis shifter rod so I can hard mount the Th8rs on to it instead of using the clamp.. I took both th8rs clamps off and hard mount them

      • John Doe says:

        Wow Marcus, thanks for the super quick reply! that was like 5 minutes.. haha! Thanks a lot, do you mind taking a quick little picture from a couple of different angles so I can see more clearly what you’ve done? Looks like you just sold me a Human Racing GT chasis btw! Thanks again and fantastic bloq mate!

      • r0gu3 says:

        Hi John,
        Cheers, I am actually not using it like that anymore , I’ve changed my handbrake to Frex and not mounting it as you saw it in the video. sorry , I wish I could take a quick picture for you now. .
        OK I just remember now. the one with the Dirt3 video in this page/last video), what I did was mount the Handbrake to the Frex Sequential.
        so with out the FREX, the TH8RS would mount where the Frex is, and the Handbrake where the H Shifter was .


      • r0gu3 says:

        Hi john,
        I actually have a picture of it close up
        Check out the gallery tab and under HumanRacing GT Chassis.
        plenty of photos there.

      • John Doe says:

        Wow thanks for that! I’ll have a look through your gallery now.. Very much appreciated.
        3 more quick questions:
        1) Is the FREX handbrake much better/big improvement than when you were using the TH8RS as a handbrake?
        2) How did you get your cables so tidy and line up so well on the Human Racing chassis? Were you using some sort of double sided adhesive to keep the cables all nice and lined up in a row along the cockpit or were you using clips? Can you tell me exactly what you used as I want to do the same with my next cockpit.
        3) I read on another forum recently that you said you were thinking of repainting the silver Human Racing chassis to another colour – why are you doing this if u dont mind me asking? Also, would you consider selling ur silver human racing chassis as a friend might be interested


      • r0gu3 says:

        Yes Frex handbrake have a lot more resistance than the th8RS, better is a term depending on what you like. I like a hard and snappy handbrake, even though you can modulate the analogue th8rs hb, the result can only be obtained by full locking it, therefore creating back slide during turn.
        Question number 2 – i Use 3m clear double tape, width 12mm, once you apply them to your rig, all you do is lay the cables next to each other parallel, easy to pull out if needed and quite strong to hold even vga and dvi cables. Another good thing is they dont leave residue to the rig when you remove the tape.

        Question3 . I have another as new black player frame set from Human racing, still sitting in its original box, no seat and seat sliders , exactly the same as the silver one i have except no seat, and no sliders. It have the adjustable steering wheel deck.
        Check out and click on player frame set.
        You can order the seat and slider along with the shifter mount from them. Im in sydney so if you want that one feel free to contact me.

        I hope this answers your question

      • John Doe says:

        Wow thanks for the answers, very helpful! Could you shoot me an email and we can discuss the Player Frame set over email.. Thanks mate!

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