The Player Frame Set by HumanRacing

I am fortunate enough to not only get to test and own one of the best racing rig in the market, now I received a second one. This second one I received of HumanRacing however, is much more “open” in terms of options and accessories to choose.

Initially, when I bought my first one, everything comes in one packet, one solution, frame with adjustable wheel mount, seat, slider and gear mount.

All is fantastic, but what if you don’t need the gear mount as yet, or the seat , or the slider. What if you have your own bucket seat and seat slider and really like the design and look of GT Chassis?, Can you just get the frame set?, well now you can !!!!

Introducing the Player Frame Set

Link : here

Well I was really excited when I saw this option, as Initially I was really thinking of getting another rig for my workstations, not just for racing games but one for work , watching movies, graphic or video editing and do what we all do when we sit in front of a computer… to relax.
Good thing is, now I can 🙂 (There are couple of options that I can do to make this work I will post in a near future when the occasion is right)

Now I am given the options , to Mix and Match there are option to go both ways now.

Use optional after market seat and slider or use HumanRacing’s slider kit or non sliding mounts, gear mount (possibly for mouse tray) or without. It’s like picking candy in a store.

Not to mention at a bonus price of (US $540) less than half of it’s brother with full kit (US $1442) link:Here

All the measurements are still the same, and it is identical to the silver one I have down here, still the best in comfort ,highest quality and at minimum to none  @wobbles in steering wheel mounts, It’s still the best in the market.

Finished installed seat result. with no gear mounts and pedal below

I think it’s a fantastic solution that they have created, really gives that flexibility over which accessories to get (see examples here).

I’ve manage to capture some footage of when I was installing the seat. So I hope you have as much fun as I have in making this video and writing this.




4 comments on “The Player Frame Set by HumanRacing

  1. Love it man! I envy you! When are you going to have your triplets? Is that your next project?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Thanks Fuji, Tripples is one thing I wish for next, I hope I can get them done sooner than later. Still
      Waiting for bodnar’s next Sli.
      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. Jas-c says:

    Hi Marcus, thanks so much for your reviews and photos. I’m hoping to buy a GT Chassis soon as well. May I ask how much extra it costs to have HR custom paint your frame and seat? I’m from Aus as well and Pseudo Racing doesn’t seem to have any colour / frame / accessories options on their website which is a shame because Black really doesn’t do it for me :P!

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Jas,
      it’s a pleasure on the review and photos.
      There was no extra charge when I purchased the one in iridium, it was available from Pseudo at the time- however Tinnakorn from HR should easily lay out the cost for you – his detail: Tinnakorn Rattakhajon .
      I was thinking the same thing about black ones, but when I received the Player frame set (in black) I was surprised how nice they look, it’s matte black, “bat-mobile” black. :D.
      Tinnakorn answers his email even on saturday and their Facebook Private message works too.

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