Additional connections for Frex Shift + and Frex HB+, to work with GT5 in PS3

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****Update shifter and handbrake connection to the Cthulu PCB to be used in PS3****


Preparation bench 😉


M6 Screws for mounting, (Left Handbrake connected to “O” button on the Cthulhu, and Right (purple) connected to L1+L2 buttons for shifting up and down


Connection view with 2 PCB (BBI-32 and Cthulhu)


***********QUICK UPDATE on the button box Side: (03 March 2012)****************

I’ve changed the button box’s face all together, not enough rotaries and buttons at the moment, so with the new face plate, I’ve added 11 more buttons (coming from SLI-PRO) and soon 3 push rotary Encoders into the box. picture below shows the plan and measurements. it is always good to use the rig from the buttons to place it where the buttons will go first before proceeding to drill the holes, as you can easily see whether or not you will like the layout.

Wiring it is a big…

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  1. Gege says:

    Hi! Great box you made here!
    Can you please give me some ebay sellers for all the stuff you bought (buttons, diameter of the wires and type of connectors). I got a sli pro and would like to build a button box but I don’t know anything about electronic stuff.


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