A Milestone Of A Dash

It has been a while since our last tutorial and log, I sincerely apologise for the long delay, however we have been really busy with work and our precious baby girl is growing up faster than we could ever anticipate. I try and manage to slip-in a little chunk of time I could to try and create all the little things for this hobby, so even if it’s slow, it is finally nearing completion

This projects have been going on for a while and it is still an ongoing process.

It has been a rock and roll experience, many ups and downs. Had to re done the full sheet the second time on a thicker sheet for structural support and building the mount from galvanised square tube (including learning how to weld in a fortnight), getting the welding machine, cutting,welding, sanding cleaning and painting it.

Well this video represents a milestone of what the dash have become, from ideas into cardboard template and into realisation, not complete yet but it is a milestone nonetheless.

It is still missing the Voltage gauge, water pressure and oil pressure, I figured since symprojects board have not yet fully support Spek pressure and Voltage gauges, none of them will function and pull any proper data from the sim, so blank spaces are there for future upgrade.
Parts Used:

Symprojects Pro-gauge
Leo Bodnar BBI-32

Proparts Spek Gauges
1 x 5″ Tachometer
1 x 2 1/16″ Water Temp
1 x 2 1/16″ Oil Temp
1 x 2 1/16″ Fuel Level

Inputs/ Buttons
8 x 1 way Momentary Toggle Switches
1 x Power Toggle
1 x CTS 2 way Rotary Encoder
1 x David Clark C10-15 PTT button.

1 x Neutrik USB socket

Clear Perspex 605 x 150 x 6mm

Connecting the DC talk button on the dash I had to use the “bypass female connector” of the button itself. I had to re-wire the inside a little to make it connects to the BBI-32. once done. when the button is plugged in , it acts as a talk button.

I hope you liked it


Enjoy the pictures below

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10 comments on “A Milestone Of A Dash

  1. Brad says:

    I have purchased a symprojects Progauge to upgrade my Revburner and I have a problem with my Water temp gauge.

    I purchased the following 2 Spek fuel gauge and water – to match my 5inch Spek ProTach.



    I have them all wired up and in iracing the Fuel and tach are working great but the water temp is not correct at all.

    In the symprojects software I have it calibrated to min 100F and max 300F and all the percentages line up, however in game is lags behind the game temps and eventually catches up but it is not real time like the others.

    What am I missing?


    • r0gu3 says:

      Good Morning Brad,

      Couple of things I can suggest is to try using another port on the Progauge board, see if the problem replicate, if it is then maybe because there is not enough power drawn from the PSU, what is the amperage of you current power supply, Im running 1.2amp at the moment which I think is sufficient. however if I add another gauge or two, I might need to change to 2Amp PSU.

      Cristiano is normally the wiz in troubleshooting this. I would post same question on the symprojects forum to see if he has any solution.
      good luck Brad. I’ll be monitoring the symprojects forum as well to see if your problem with the water temp is fixed.


  2. Brad says:

    Marcus can you please post your Simdash config settings for the water temp spek gauge?

    i.e 0=, 25=/////



  3. INSANE Marcus. Another great project! 🙂

  4. Brad says:

    Marcus I got the Water temp gauge to work and it is accurate but the fuel level gauge is not – can you please post your simdash settings for the fuel level gauge.


    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Brad,
      The fuel gauge is a little in reading from the progaugewhen is about empty, ie it will blink when 5 litres still left, however It is still pretty accurate in gauging level when half or almost empty. And i work out pit strategy from those. Ill
      Post my figure when i get home tonight. Visiting a frend for his dbox rig. The number difference betwween 0-25% is 4-5 only and as soon as you click one more, it will jump pass the marker, i dial this out by 1 notch above the 25% mark,
      In game
      It becomes quite accurate.got my volt meter which i wire directly to the progaguge 12v output last night and it reads the voltage well, sometimes flactuate a little when the rev lights hits max , so its cool to see how it works.
      Not in game though its the actual voltage of the board

  5. Jake says:

    I have a question what red wire are you using

  6. Jose Lopez says:

    The enclosure that you have for the Symprojects Pro dash is it custom or could I find one somewhere online?

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