Carbon Wheel plate for 27C by Antonino

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A mention about the weigh last night was brought to my attention, which I think is a very good topic.

This thing (both the CF plate and the mod27c rim ) are “light as feather” , at the moment I can drive this thing 50 laps non stop and still smiles at every turns, but my shirt is sweaty and my arms are tired. This wheel makes me want to go faster, drive better, it makes me forget I am holding a wheel (if that even makes sense)

The size not too small as I initially expected. the size is similar to the T500 f1 rim , however the Suede grip and the lightness of the wheel makes the FFB felt even stronger, rigidity can be at felt every turn. absolutely no flex, absolute confident !, it’s hard to describe a wheel rim like that. It is easy to weigh them and describe in diameter, but feeling?… is the most important and the hardest to describe. This rim really wins my heart, Antonino’s plate tops it off like a fireworks. 🙂

The video:
First person view @ Circuit Zolder in My favourite open top- displaying the wheel height and FOV that “blends” the wheel and in game cockpit.
note to self : Must practice more next season and do less mod, and more races.
Good morning everyone- from a friend here down under.


16 comments on “Carbon Wheel plate for 27C by Antonino

  1. Rami says:

    Hi eny pics behind the wheel when all wirings done 🙂 Im workking my 27, sli pro 2 rotary and 4 pushbuttons Im totally noob and not sure how to do,yes I know there is guide 🙂
    eny help I am grateful for it thx 🙂

  2. Dan says:

    Love your stuff!

    I plan to follow in your footsteps soon with the plate and 27c wheel. Any chance you can list where to purchase the wheel plate, adapter, and where you got switches and knobs?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Dan,
      thank you, the wheel plate I purchased from an iracing member antoninno , Switches and knitter buttons are all from Leo Bodnar and the knobs just chicken knobs from ebay.

  3. santanabras says:

    how tick is the CfF plate mate ??

  4. santanabras says:

    sweet thanks mate im in the verge of making a Carob fiber/ Kevler sandwich construction of a GT wheel plate to go with my momo Monte Carlo.

    • r0gu3 says:

      I can only imagine it is a very challenging process layering those sheets of CF and resin them. make sure you don’t inhale the fume. they are highly toxic especially when sanding them.

      • santanabras says:

        ah no prblem there really; I vacuum bagged it and infused that sucker up: turned out great; now i just need to take the part out of the mould and get ready to sanding.

      • r0gu3 says:

        wow, love to see the result. man, feel free to post link to the picture when you feel it’s right mate, Im sure many here would love to see it. and become your potential customer 🙂

  5. Rami says:

    Noob question 🙂 NKK pushbutton switch MB2011 do you need 3 wires for these buttons??gnd + switch and ???

    • r0gu3 says:

      sorry im not sure if I have replied to you or not. so Im just going to go ahead and reply.
      3 prongs on the NKK and /or knitter switches are ground , Normally open and Normally CLOSE.
      you want to wire the ground to ground and Normally CLOSE to your data. and that is it.

  6. Fuji Sartono says:

    gotta learn this from you when I’m there man . .how much were the plates from antoninno btw?

    • r0gu3 says:

      Hi Bud,
      the plates that Antonino made are 3mm thick carbon fibre. as for price I think each wheels different. he mention that he personally cut with hand tools as CF are very difficult to alter.
      he is in Facebook man, just check to see if he can make your design .

  7. nam gil kang says:

    Welcome back

    YouTube is visited, the equipment is really fantastic blog search

    I’m enjoying the Korean people that Momo Racing Wheel kids 27c know how to display a button and buy a tune I’d really want to have the hole in the wheel the wheel’s 27c that I’m aware of how I’d love to know what hole I’m currently wearing my tech universal hub hole par, because 27c’s answer, I’m begging you not to buy

    Have a good day ^ ^


  8. nam gil kang says:

    momo 27c Wheel three notable hole eotteongge, did you do?
    Drill?Is there any good way?

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